ROL NEWS--Roadrunner Rocketry Introduces 29mm Single Use Motors

Roadrunner Rocketry Introduces 29mm Single Use Motors
May 17, 2006
Web posted at: 12:27 PM EDT
(ROL Newswire) -- Roadrunner Rocketry Inc. introduces three 29mm single
use composite model rocket motors in the F and G impulse class. These
motors include a two-wire igniter, have a built-in thrust ring and have
7-10% more impulse than competing motors, all at a suggested price about
20% less than competitive offerings.
Roadrunner propellant produces white/grey smoke with a bright white
flame and a moderate burn time. Rapid propellant is a short burn, high
thrust propellant producing a moderate amount of dark smoke that makes
it easy to track flights. The motors are as follows:
A G80 (Roadrunner Rapid) with total impulse of 108 n-s, peak impulse of
114 n, and a burn time of 1.4 seconds. Delays are 4, 7 and 10 seconds,
with retail pricing of $20.95.
An F60 (Roadrunner Rapid) with total impulse of 77 n-s, peak impulse of
90 n, and a burn time of 1.3 seconds. Delays are 4, 7 and 10 seconds,
with retail pricing of $18.95.
An F35 (Roadrunner) with total impulse of 78 n-s, peak impulse of 50 n,
and a burn time of 2.3 seconds. Delays are 6 and 10 seconds, with retail
pricing of $18.95
These single use motors are fully assembled and contain 62.5 grams or
less of propellant. Utilizing a one piece molded casing, the motors have
been extensively tested and have proven to be highly reliable and easily
ignited. Certified by the National Association of Rocketry, the motors
are also approved by the California State Fire Marshal for sale and use
in the state of California.
Roadrunner has substantial inventories of each motor ready to ship and
is in the process of establishing retail distribution and launch site
motor vendors. Interested parties should contact Roadrunner by email.
For more information, including downloadable wRasp and Rocksim motor
files, thrust curves, and instructions for use, see
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Source: Roadrunner Rocketry Inc.
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Let's see. I've developed a product, gotten it certified, built a large inventory, but I don't have a single dealer signed up yet. Anybody see a hole in the business plan here?
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Although, perhaps it IS a better way of doing things than getting everyone excited about a new product that never gets built...
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Someone who is not that well known in rocketry and someone who is.
Anthony J. Cesaroni President/CEO Cesaroni Technology/Cesaroni Aerospace
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(941) 360-3100 x101 Sarasota (905) 887-2370 x222 Toronto
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Anthony Cesaroni
Domain Name: ROADRUNNERROCKETRY.COM Registrar: NETWORK SOLUTIONS, LLC. Whois Server: Referral URL:
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Been around for about 2 years....but I've never heard of 'em again.
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From the web site, these look like the AT molded casings. Are these relabeled AT motors, a la PML and RocketVision?
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Bob Kaplow
Not even close.
Anthony J. Cesaroni President/CEO Cesaroni Technology/Cesaroni Aerospace
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(941) 360-3100 x101 Sarasota (905) 887-2370 x222 Toronto
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Anthony Cesaroni
Well, as you seem to have some insight, how about sharing?
Here's my concern -- I was going to purchase a number of Ellis Mountain E motors some time back, but witnessed a bunch of cato's that made me put my wallet away. So, lacking any track record, and lacking knowledge of the individuals involved, why would I 'risk' using this manufacturer? If it's folks that are known by the industry, great! If it's not, that seems 'strange', because I don't know how (or why ) someone not involved in rocketry would be getting into this business (and apparently have certified product but no dealers). If the manufacturer's are attempting to 'hide', I have cause for concern as well, because I have to ask what/why they're hiding.
So, I would respectfully ask that you share what knowledge you can, for the betterment of us lesser mortals...
David Erbas-White
Anth>Not even close.
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David Erbas-White
Roadrunner Rocketry products are not re-labeled OEM motors from another manufacturer.
The first round of certification testing occurred about a month ago and NAR S&T provided the owner of Roadrunner Rocketry a statement of certification that allowed him to fly the motors at several launches in Texas. If you ask around the Texas flying community, I think you'll find some of the answers you are looking for.
I'm under a NDA with the manufacturer, so I can't give you anymore details.
Best Regards,
John Lyngdal NAR Trustee NAR S&T Secretary
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Keep in mind that Anthony may well have been asked by the individual(s) involved in the company to keep it confidential. Based on the behavior I've seen from Anthony, I very much believe he would take such a request, and his agreement with it, VERY seriously (as would be appropriate).
The fact that he hasn't stated anything more than he has is a strong indicator that he's been asked to keep what he knows private.
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Kevin Trojanowski
With all due respect, the proper response in that case would have been to say nothing. The two comments he made come very close to "I know something you don't know; neener, neener, neener..."
I add that I have great respect for Anthony, but the very fact that he posted ANYTHING about it led me to believe that he's not under an NDA -- as the only appropriate response (if under an NDA) is not to say ANYTHING (it's a non-disclosure agreement, not a some-disclosure agreement, is it not?).
I'm working with several folks under an NDA (I'm the owner of the information) at the moment. In my mind, that leaves it up to ME to decide how and when information is disseminated, unless I specifically authorize otherwise -- that's the POINT of having an NDA.
As far as the general announcement is concerned, as I stated, I find it unusual, to say the least. It's obviously somebody committed to the effort (witness the completion of certifications prior to any announcement), but it is very strange that the product is announced, with the statement apparently made that product is available, yet there are no dealers and no real contact information. It perks up my antenna, that's all. Perhaps there are good and valid reasons for it, and I'm perfectly willing to wait and see, but in the interim, it causes concern to at least some portion of the end-user community, which can't possibly be a good thing for the manufacturer.
David Erbas-White
Kev> David Erbas-White wrote:
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David Erbas-White
In article _ULag.21502$, Anthony Cesaroni at wrote on 5/17/06 2:42 PM:
Let me guess...Bob Korman and Scott Dixon?
I'm not bound by an NDA.
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Gary C. Rosenfield
In article liMag.22559$, Anthony Cesaroni at wrote on 5/17/06 3:09 PM:
"No they are not" is the correct answer.
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Gary C. Rosenfield
In article, Aaron at wrote on 5/17/06 2:50 PM:
The clue is the name registered less than 3 weeks after the AeroTech/ISP asset sale.
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Gary C. Rosenfield
David, Boy, are you suspicious!
The owner is Bob Korman, my next door neighbor. He got interested in the motor making business a couple of years ago. He's worked extremely hard to bring these motors to market. The number of obstacles he's worked to overcome has been staggering, and after having watched the process, I can't believe he's finally made it. I have personally flown over 20 of these motors with great success. They have lit the first time every time when using the supplied 2 wire ignitor.
(Shameless self plug - my rocket and photo are on the pics page on his website.)
There's nothing super secret about it. Very few businesses post personal information on their website. He does have contact info on his website - if you email him he'll gladly tell you who he is. Look at his site and you'll see he's got plenty of info available - wRASP files, Rocksim data, tips and tricks, etc. In fact, he's been talking to Chuck G. of wRASP fame to make sure he gets things right. Chuck even recenly posted on the DARS list that partly in response to Bob's inquiries he's trying to get wRASP updated.
It's just good business sense to not tip your hand to the market (or competition) before you're ready. With all the roadblocks that came up, there was no way to know when he would actually be able to ship. No vaporware here, he waited until he had lots of motors to ship so he can meet what he hopes will be a substantial demand. It's hard to sign up dealers without a product to ship, or worse sign them and and then not fulfill demand. Look what happened when AT was unable to supply Hobby Lobby.
The motors are great. The integrated thrust ring makes prep time a snap - no tape thrust ring to build up. Retention is very easy - if you have any motor tube protuding beyond the centering ring, just run several wraps of tape around it and the thurst ring. Done in conjunction with a good friction fit and it's nearly impossible to kick a motor. The ignitor is a 'real' ignitor that has proven to be very reliable. The price is considerably below others available, and they offer more total thrust than comparable motors.
While the G motor is longer than comparable AT G's, I flew mine in several AT kits just fine. The second photo on his website is an AT Strongarm without the strakes. The motor overhangs the retention clip a bit, but stability was never an issue. Of coure, every flyer should check the CG/CP relationship of every rocket before flight, but I doubt they'll be any issues using them in AT kits. Bob even has a set of instructions on his site on how to modify an AT kit during build so it will work with longer motors. (on the 'more info' page)
I have every confidence that when flyers get a chance to use one of these motors, they'll be very pleased. As always, the market will determine the fate of the motor. Based on my personal experience, I have complete confidence that they will be in demand by folks who fly F & G motors. More power for less money, a built-in thrust ring, a two-wire ignitor, and high reliability. What's not to like?
If you read his website, he makes it very clear on how to become a dealer. It's not an involved process. Heck, if you want to sell his motors, contact him and become a dealer. It's not rocket science. Like all motors over 30 grams, they do require HAZMAT shipping, which Bob is very strict about. Anyone who's been on RMR for a while knows what happens when you ship motors illegally. None of us want our hobby attacked for creating a shipping hazard.
This is a very serious business venture that took lots of time, cash, and hard work. I've been able to watch the process and stick my nose in now and again and I've been amazed at the amount of hard work Bob has put into this endeavor. I wish him success.
Tony Huet
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