ROL NEWS--Enorbit Releases New Kits

Enorbit Releases New Kits
September 8, 2005
Web posted at: 8:05 PM EDT
(ROL Newswire) -- Enorbit Rocketry Systems is releasing it's new line
of Experimental Rocketry Kits. Experimental Rocketry Kits are kits
designed for experimental style motors and come with the larger motor
mounts (4", 5", 6") as well as stronger construction. All ERS- kits are
6" in diameter and come double fiber glassed, using two different types
of materials. All of E.R.S. experimental rocketry kits cost $200.00
(plus shipping). Enorbit Rocketry Systems made it possible get a 6"
diameter rocket, double fiber glassed for only $200.00. These kits can
also be flown on commercial style motors. The kits are custom made;
allow two to three weeks in shipping time. (kits: King Quark, ERS- Blue
Ice, Rohan, Cepheus, Lord Aries, Mordor). More information may be found
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Source: Enorbit Rocketry Systems
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