Is there a function or a method to extract a variable's name into a string

I'm trying to come up with a function to help me while I write other lisp
programs that will plot variables that are points into
autocad with nodes and text stating what variable it is, currently I'm
using a foreach function and assigning a number to each point that is
plotted, since I know the order of which I assigned the variables into
the list I know which number resembles what variable. But if I had a way
to extract
the variable name into a variable itself, it would make this little
utility much nicer.
Here is what I'm using now
(setq counter 0)
(foreach f (list ;|Enter points|; ) ;enter points
(command "point" f)
(setq counter (+ counter 1))
(command ".text" f "" counter "")
Also are there any other AutoLISP editors out there that might be better
than the one that comes with Acad 2002?
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HiHo; If I understand you, you want to plot a X,Y,Z point with a number and a descriptor. If that is the case there are a number of civil programs, many for free, that will do just that. Search
formatting link
for a point importer. It will read a file and place the points at the appropriate location. If you can't find it let me know and I will send it to you in a email.
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Not sure how your points are being collected, but why not record the name with the point, maybe a sub-list format, like:
( (varname (x y z)) (varname (x y z)) .... )
Not that I've seen. I still use notepad and a similar text editor. There was a dos program called Ally, which I thought was perfect, but to my knowledge, they stopped development long ago. It used color coded parens, each level of nesting was a different color.
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