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Why does the sheet of "paper" on the screen in paper space not line up with the title block inserted by the MVSETUP command? Is there a way to make it line up?

Thanks! Mamie Anding

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The "paper" represent the plot layout. This can be corrected under "page setup manager" under the "file" pull down menu. Create a new layout, select your plotter/printer, select paper size, select "plot to extents or layout(select a scale that fits the paper). This will also be automatically corrected if you plot your titleblock to proper scale making sure you select "save changes to layout." Hope this helps.


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Lee St. Louis

I don't use MVSETUP but I do sometimes have to adjust paper sizes.

Here's how I do it: Page Setup Manager Modify Properties User Defined Page Sizes & Callibration Modify Standard Paper Sizes (Printable Area)

Select the papersize from the list and adjust all the margins to 0. Go OK and voila.

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It's perfectly normal, as you can tell from previous posts. I usually insert my title block and create a plot area around the title block. Just so you know, the default "paper" created is inserted at 0,0. If your title block does not get inserted at 0,0, you wil get discrepancies. But even if you do, it's not a huge concern, maybe a mild annoyance.

Dr Fleau.

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Dr Fleau

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