paper space insertion points?

I am using a drawing set up by another firm and making it my own.
Usually when I xref / attacht my title sheet into paper space I insert
it at 0,0 and the lower left corner of my title sheet goes to 0,0. With
these drawings the insertion point is... well I dont know where... it
seems to be 1/2 inch from the right at the bottom. Nothing really there
that it would snap to either. Is there an insertion point setting for
paper space or something? I have never seen this before.. My title sheet
is set up in model space with 0,0 at the lower left corner.
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Open the drawing with your title sheet an check if the base point is set to 0,0 (command "BASE")
PS: ... and be carefully when making things of others to your own ;-)
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To the right of what? (An insertion point can be ANYWHERE.) Ultimately, what does it matter unless you want to use the insert as a reference point on the plot?
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Michael Bulatovich
Thank you that did the trick I have no idea how the base point got changed.
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