Printing Drawings with Shaded Views... AGAIN!!!

When I printed drawings with shaded views in the past, under Page Setup I always set the Drawing Color to Automatic, and check High Quality under Resolution and Scale. This always worked well. The black geometry would print pure black and anything color would print color.

For some reason, recently when I do this, the drawing prints in what appears to be gray scale. I don't know when this started doing this. It may have been the last SP. Can't remember. Now, the only way I can get it to print color views is to either force the setting to the Color/Gray scale option, or uncheck the High Quality setting which produces crap quality instead.

Has anyone else seen this?

Also, has anyone ever noticed that the printing functions of SW have ALWAYS sucked and had issues. This is a basic function of any software which SW has never had a good handle on.

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Seth Renigar
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Pretty good rant for a Wed, Seth. You made me think it was Monday for a minute!

So yes, you get used to SW's sucky print setup and learn to live with it, but every once in a while it makes you go "WHY DID THEY DO THAT!!!"

That said, I don't print in color; I control the grey shading through part colors and lighting in the parts and assemblies.

Have a good > When I printed drawings with shaded views in the past, under Page Setup I

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