Model Size Limit?

While trying to mirror a solid body, I get the error - "The feature
does not fit inside the model size limits". Have I run into a maximum
model size within SW? The file is 107Mb. There are only 22 features
in the model and 1 solid body. The first feature is an imported part,
hence the size. Any ideas?
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More likely it's referring to geometry size. The limit is 500m on either side of the origin. Perhaps a large radius center point? Any chance that's it? Surely it's not too small...
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Dale Dunn
The part is just under 2m at it's longest. There could be a large radius in the imported geometry somewhere, I guess, but as the part is centered about the origin, mirroring it shouldn't put any geometry any further from the origin than it originally was.
BTW, I exported the model as a parasolid, imported it into UG, mirrored it, resaved as a parasolid and then reimported it back into SW. A big PITA, but I have my mirrored model.
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