High Quality Views not printing in Acrobat 7.0

Just upgraded to Adobe Acrobat 7.0.0 and came across this: When drawing views are set to "draft quality" and the print dialog box is set to "convert to high quality" the drawing views don't print (just "empty" drawing space!). The drawing format, notes, callouts, etc. do print.

When I set the drawing views to "high quality" and print "high quality" the views print just fine. Anyone else seeing this behavior?

I have not had any issues with my other applications (Office, Acad, etc.). I also scanned the SPR's and did not see anything indicating a "fix".

Regards, JimW SW2004 SP4.0

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Hello Jim- I found another problem with Acrobat 7.0. In a Microsoft Access Database(on a network drive), Hyperlinks to .pdf's stopped functioning. Rolling back to version 5.0 corrected the problem. Best Regards, Devon T. Sowell

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Devon T. Sowell

SPR#215907 Issued

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