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Anybody out there have a macro to use in the task scheduler for converting high quality views to draft quality?

For me this is a high performance issue especially for large assembly drawings.

If you use high quality views it will still load up the assembly models when opening. Draft quality lokks just as good to me and opens the drawings lightweight!

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One of the free macros at

formatting link
converts all views of the active drawing to high quality (it's the one called mm_26.zip ). You only have to change the lines with "SetDisplayMode2" or "SetDisplayMode3" to convert them to draft quality and add a line to save the active drawing.

Not exactly what you are looking for, but a good start :-)

HTH, Stefan

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Stefan Berlitz

I love the google translation of the 3rd question in the 2004 FAQ there:

How can I switch the large speech blisters off?

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Dale Dunn

"Speech blisters" - good one! Seems appropriate to me. :-)


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