Speed up Drawing Performance

Ever since 2006 was released, I notice that most people have commented that drawings were noticeably faster. I upgraded in the last week of December,
and I had not had the same experience. As a matter of fact, drawings seemed much slower to me. Until today.
Since upgrading, I had noticed that my side profile of cosmetic threads looked different than they ever had in the past. I just took it as "one of their new features", and let it go.
Today, I was playing around, and noticed a setting that I had never noticed before (or at least never messed with). When you highlight a view, the prop manager has a setting for Cosmetic Thread Display. It was set to High Quality. I set it to Draft Quality just to see what it would do, and lo-and-behold, my cosmetic threads changed to look like they always had in the past. I liked it better this way, so I set all of my views this way. Well guess what! My drawing performance started screaming after that.
So I got to thinking, how did it get changed to high quality if I had always had it set to draft quality. It must have something to do with converting to 2006. So I did a little digging and found a drawing document default setting that I had never noticed before either. Under Tools>Options>Document Properties>Detailing, there is a setting to toggle the default to high quality or not. I figure that this must be new in SW2006 because I don't remember ever seeing this before. I guess the conversion added this setting and turned it to high quality by default. I didn't catch this.
So, I updated all of my drawing templates to turn this to draft quality. Life is now good.... Ok, maybe just a tiny bit better anyway!
Hope this helps someone out there...
Seth Renigar
Emerald Tool and Mold Inc.
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