Most valuable model ever

Watching a program, Voyages, on History Internatonal about Fabrege eggs.

One of the forty Fabrege eggs was a black and gold number with jewels that opened to reveal a scale model of the ship that Czar Nicholas sailed on before the death of his father. The voyage was supposed to strenghten his political and diplomatic strengths, but he was so sheltered that it was a failure.

The scale model is of an early steamship from the time when there was still an array of masts and rigging. t s fully rgged and s made of platinum and gold sailing on a sea of aquamarine. The name of the ship was only mentioned once and I wasn't able to jot it down.

Another is a 4" Imperial Russian coronatiion coach inside a gold and enameled egg. Wheels turn, doors open, even the step below the door pulls out.

A third offering is an Imperial Russian Siberian Railway commemorative egg with locomotive and five coaches that runs when wound up with a key.

I think that the monetary value, several $1000,000 each, is probably the highest of any model ever produced.


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just wait until Trumpeter gets their hands on it......


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