Apollo/LEM Kit Ever Released?

not sure of the correct name for the kit. Had the CM and LEM with the
final stage of the Saturn with the LEM stored away. Its seen in the
Apollo 13 movie. I built it when it first came out, and saw one at a
collectors show around 10 years ago with missing parts for $250.00
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I thought that had been reissued for the Young Astronauts series back in the Eighties, but it doesn't seem to be available now. On Amazon, there is a Tamiya set of the Command Module and the LEM together ("Apollo Lunar Space Set, 40th Anniversary").
Stephen "FPilot" Bierce/IPMS #35922
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Stephen Bierce
It was reissued on a few occasions - the one I have was the History Makers release in 1983.
The Tamiya version doesn't include the Launch Escape System but is otherwise similar to the Revell one, except that it's in 1/70 scale. The Revell one is 1/48.
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"> not sure of the correct name for the kit. Had the CM and LEM with the
That was the first kit out - CM was Block I (Earth orbital test series), LM design was still evolving. The time that kit was released the LM design still had flat aluminum Whipple shields - later replaced by the Mylar blankets on the actual vehicles. Monogram issued a Tranquility base kit - closer to final for LM - but no CM. There's some good books on conversion and detailing for specific LMs. The tranquility base one was recently re-released as part of the Buzz Aldren space hero set.
Val Kraut
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Val Kraut
Ouch! I had one of these Revell 1/48 upper stage sets with all of the bits - stage with collar and motor, LEM packed folded (but hinged to unfold and couple), service module, capsule and escape tower - was about 24" high when complete. Built it just before I left for Vietnam in 1970 and really enjoyed it (made me think I should have considered another enlistment option than Army!) as it DID everything and all of it worked.
Alas, it got tossed while I was gone as did all of my American Flyer trains.
Can't justify buying a "collector" one now when I would prefer a "builder".
Cookie Sewell
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i bet you till mourn the trains? all my early philip k dick books went south.
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The kit needed a lot of work to be accurate. The CSM was Block I (Earth Orbital Flights only) and the LM was still elvoving, plus details. If I remember right the kit hit the market about 2 03 3 years before the actual landing. The LM had thin Aluminum Whipple Shields painted black and white - the switch to Mylar blankets came later.
Val Kraut
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Val Kraut

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