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Hello, Does anyone out there have any experience using raster/vector conversion software to create geometry from a scanned image. I downloaded a trial version of Algolab software and it seems ok but there are not many editing tools, and I have not explored others. I am trying to make sketch geometry from scanned images of curvy shapes. Multilines are causing errors in sketch. Others must have been here.

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Andrew Grove

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Andrew Grove
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have a look at.

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have the best raster to vector c> Hello,

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Ed Russell

There's a free version of Wintopo that can do what you want. It's alright for importing and using the image to build native curves. There's also a pro version with more power.


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Matt/Meribeth Pedersen

Yep, I've been looking for years and this is the best I've seen. Isent them a graphic of a hummingbird and flower whih was very intricate and they returned a very usable DXF. The demo is a very worthwhile too in and of itself as it has tools for manipulating DXF files that I don't see anywhere else. Tools like: deform arc, arc to line, line to arc, drag point, point snap, join segments. Most of these functions are available in other apps, but the actual implimentation is just smoother in the ArborImage product. Despite a clunky interface, it is a very sound tool for this kind of work.

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