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If there is someone here that is familiar with Adobe Acrobat 3-D, I am in hopes that you can answer this question: I am using version 7. After saving a SWX part file as a pdf file, and importing it into Adobe Acrobat 3-D, should I have the ability to rotate the part, much like we can in SWX, or is the feature confined only to the newer version, which is version 8? In version 7, I cannot find the feature anywhere, and yet it seems that I have read where this software boasts the ability to do so.

Thank you, Ira

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sure thats standard functionality from version 7.07 of 3d acrobat you need to do a screen capture in acro 3d just hit screen print on your keyboard could you try to explain how you are doing it


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You have to save the SWX part file as a .u3d file. Then use the Acrobat 3D tools to import to a existing PDF file. See the Acrobat help files. Note that SWX has a bug that saves the .u3d file in upper case, you will have to change the .U3D to .u3d before you can import. The file size starts to bloat with Acrobat 3D to the point were a Edrawing will almost be smaller. This applies to SWX 2007

Good Luck Mike

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Michael Eckstein

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