undefined 3-d sketches

I tried a google search on this with no success, so please forgive me if
this has been covered.
When I open a 3-d sketch and all I do is convert an edge and close it, why
does it show in the feature tree as being under-defined (with a `minus'
sign.)? If I do the same thing with a planar sketch it shows as being fully
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John Kreutzberger
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I think this is because the endpoints of a converted entity are not automatically constrained (they stay blue). This is done so that you can drag the endpoints out, which can be pretty handy. In the case of a 2D sketch, doing this doesn't change the underlying geometry, it just extends it. For this reason, SldWorks turns a blind eye to the endpoints not being constrained, unless or until you drag them to an undefined location. However, (and here I am hypothesising) in a 3D sketch, moving an endpoint moves it in 3D space, and this represents a major change to the underlying geometry,
Forgive me if this turns out to be off beam: my USB dongle has failed and the replacement is still in transit, so I can't check this out in SldWks.
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Andrew Troup

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