i'm going out of my #$%^&* mind!!!!!!
what's the deal with inserting a jpg into autocad.
if i try to insert a jpg or a gif into autocad it gives me some stupid
picture of a hairy eyball!!! i can get it to work with a bitmap but it
would be over 1mb and i would have to put it in 20 layouts making this
drawing over 20 mbs!!!!
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did you try renaming it? sounds like you already have it defined as a hairy eyeball.
-- be cool,
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That's what IMAGEATTACH does. The downside is that the image is not bound to the drawing. "me" is trying to use INSERTOBJ which binds it in, only thing is it doesn't display the image even when you select that option, just an icon to double-click... unless you use a BMP.
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Thanks, I did not know that.
Still, "Insert OLE Object" also works just fine for me. "Create from file", Browse to select the file (jpg=Microsoft Photo Editor 3.0) and have the "Link" and "Display as Icon" check boxes un-marked.
Could it have something to do with different .jpg "versions" or something?
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