Trace Cardboard Shapes

Any idea?
I have over 100 various cardboard shapes, very non uniform, free hand-like
~1/32" thick, 2D, as templates (mannequins upholstery elements) size up to
It is required to trace them into Acad, for plotting, using as cutting
I am experienced Acad user,------R12-R2004.
I thought trace onto a grit on a paper, have reference points,
and "reconstruct" the shape
precision required +- 1/32-
Time ~~min. 1-2 hour /each PC - I think!
Scanning- copy to clipboard - paste- trace over??~~~~????,
to large items ( 2-3 sq. ft) +file size??- Scanner this size??
Tabloid? - where?
Perhaps other method, someone service, any idea, appreciate!!
Toronto, Canada
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R Cygan
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Digital camera. Draw a clear line to a specific dimension on each (say 12 inches). Photograph from directly above. Insert picture into AutoCAD and trace around. Move picture away from the outline.
Then use the 12 inch line as the reference to scale to resulting drawing to full size.
Then delete the picture.
You might also try Wintopo to produce the outline, but I have found it to end up with lots of lines that need to be joined. Worth a try, though.
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B. W. Salt.
This was my thought exactly!
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