Disc cutter - other shapes?

Hi. I have a disc cutter for cutting discs from sheet metal. It is the
kind that you slide the sheet in, hit it with a hammer, and it punches out a
disc. I would like to buy (or have made) something similar that will cut
out other shapes. My problem is that I've done internet searches and am
apparently not searching properly, because I'm not coming up with anything.
I've looked for disc cutters, punch die, metal punch cutter, tool and die,
etc. I chatted briefly with someone at a tool and die shop who said they
could do it for $10,000, so I'm apparently not communicating what I need. I
also saw someone on eBay a while back who made and sold custom dies for a
reasonable price, but I now I can't find him and don't remember how I
stumbled on him in the first place. I'd appreciate any assistance anyone
could give me. thanks!
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La Stella Celeste
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Hey LaStella,
Still not a lot of info provided on exactly what you want to do. We can assume that if you are able to power your existing "disc cutter" with a single hammer blow, then it is fairly light gauge material, and probably the "disc" diameter is not large either. But discs are kind of easy because the die set can be done with the simplest of machining techniques and measurements, the linear shear is just 3.14 X Diameter, and there is no need for the cutters edges to be kept in perfect alignment nor to cut all the perimeter at the same time (most are slightly "cup" shaped) and can have a piercing stroke.
But "shapes" get longer perimeters than circles, and must be kept in a perfect alignment. For instance, if you are now punching out a 2" diameter circle, you are cutting 6.28" of metal, but if you want to cut out a 2" square, it is 8" of material, and if it is say a Star of David shape even constrained inside the 2" circle, the material to be cut will be almost 7" and have some very close tolerances to hold and of course require (an expensive) guided die set and skilled operations to construct.
And so far you have not indicated the amount of use expected.
Depending on "shape and size" the $10,000 doesn't sound too far out of line if you want anything very big and for daily use.
Take care. Good luck.
Brian Lawson, Bothwell, Ontario.
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Brian Lawson
I am cutting small shapes out of fairly thin gauge (22 and above) metal. They would all be around 1" or smaller in size, and not super complex - like heart shapes, half-moon shapes, etc. thanks!
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La Stella Celeste
This guy posts here occasionally. Sounds like his stuff may be what you're looking for.
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Ned Simmons
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Ned Simmons
You could do it with "rubber cutting". This requires just a die and some PU-rubber (60 shore). And a press, of course.
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Nick Müller
have you tried a paper punch - you can get them in many shapes - works fine with reasonably thin silver and gold filled sheet
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Thanks - I appreciate the info.!
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La Stella Celeste
Hi, Could you define/give me gauge range for your opinion of "reasonably thin metal"? :)
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