Gif/jpg to autocad?

I'm fairly new to autocad, although I've programmed CNC vertical mills with Smartcam for years, and I've gotta say, I'm picking up autocad like a duck to water.

The only thing thats really stumped me so far is converting files over....if its even possible at all. I've got a black and white line-art .gif file, and I would like to convert it to a DXF or DWG file so that I can dimention it all out, program it and cut the shape into a chunk of aluminum as a decorative thing.

I've tried a couple online converters for gif to autocad, but haven't had any sucsess yet. Is there an easy way to do this?

Thanks in advance for your help Shawn

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There's no direct way to go from raster to vector in acad. You'll have to recreate the artwork with vectors, or find some nifty add-on that might do it.

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Michael Bulatovich

Hi The slickest way I've used to get a graphic to vector is by having a sign shop do it,

Their conversion program beats even what I've seen wintopo do !

Sorry couldn't tell you the name of the sign software though :-(


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Ron McNeil

Perhaps they were using the WinTopo Professional version rather than the Freeware version?

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Greg Tahala


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ttp:// it could help you.


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convert the gif into bmp

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try SCAN2CAD. It's not bad.

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If you have lots of $$ you can try Autodesk's Raster Design 2005. I had = a chance to work with it recently and it works quite well. =20


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G. Willis

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