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Where can I find any info on how to automate a title block or find a title block with the built in automation?

I would like to link my title blocks to the custom properties or some alternative method where a I can fill out a template which links to the title block?

It would be even better if the title block could link the document information established from PDM works?

Currently I've been manually editing the title block and now want to figure out a way to improve the process to update a title block.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks, B-

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When you create a note in a drawing, you can use the "link to properties" icon in the Feature Manager to add links to custom properties. These can either be the properties of the drawing file, or of the part/assembly file on which a drawing view is based.

To make this work in a title block, the note needs to be in the sheet format. You can then either save the sheet format separately, or save the drawing template containing the sheet format.

I don't use PDMW, but I imagine it just acts as a store of all the custom properties of the components and drawings it comprises.

John H

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John H

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