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On Monday, I've got to update the text height of block attributes in about a dozen different blocks, on each of about half-a-dozen drawings.

The steps that I propose to use for each drawing are as follows:

  1. Modify the text height of each of the attributes in each of the original wblocks to get them to look as I want.
  2. Open the drawing.
  3. Temporarily rename each of the relevant blocks and switch to the block insertion layer. This is the same layer for all of these blocks.
  4. Insert and explode the amended wblock(s).
  5. ATTREDEF the old (temporarily renamed) block(s), select the new block objects, taking care to select the atributes in the correct order.
  6. Rename the blocks back again.

I imagine this will take most of the day. Is there a better way?

Any help appreciated.

I'm using ACAD2004.

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Try this LISP routine. You enter the Number of Attributes you want to change... enter a new height, then select them (Window or Cross selection).

;; This Lisp routine changes a User specified number of Attributes ;; "globally" to a new HEIGHT

; ERROR MESSAGE *********** (defun *error* (s) (if old_error (setq *error* old_error)) (princ) )

(defun C:ATH (/ NewV OldV ) (setq nmbr (strcase (getstring"\nEnter Number of Attributes to change: "))) (setq nmbr (atoi nmbr)) (setq cntr 0) ; repeat counter

(setq NewV (strcase (getstring "\nEnter New Attribute Height: "))) (command "attedit" "" "" "" "" "w" pause pause "H" NewV "") (setq cntr (+ 1 cntr))

(while (/= nmbr cntr) (if (/= nmbr cntr) (command "H" NewV "")) (setq cntr (+ 1 cntr)) ) ;while (COMMAND "") (COMMAND "") ) ;defun end



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Mr. B

Thanks Mr. B, I'll definitely give that a go . Let you know how I get on.


Mr. B wrote:

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In the end,because I also had to update some of the geometry within each wblock, I decided to go with my method.

Actually it was much quicker than I anticipated. The whole process only took about 3hrs (including revising the wblocks).

Anyone wishing to use my method will obviously need to purge the drawing prior to renaming the blocks back to their original names.

A useful tip is to work through the blocks one at a time, copying the old names to the clipboard and temporarily renaming them simply by adding an 'x', say, to the end.

Anyway, cheers

strawberry wrote:

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