get xy coordinates of insertion point of blocks into attributes

I need a LSP that will get (without picking the block) the insertion
point of all blocks already inserted into a drawing with the block
names "SCP_IN" or "SCP_OUT" and store the insertion point x,y
coordinates in an attribute named CORDS of each block.
Can any of you help with this?
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Actually it represents a good opportunity to explore writing a bit of LISP for yourself.
(setq ss (ssget "x" '((0 . "INSERT")))) will make a selection set of all of the blocks in your drawing; then it's just a matter of stepping through the selection set, extracting the block name (DXF group 2) and insertion point (DXF group 10), then exporting to a file of your choice. ___
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Paul Turvill
Try this website. They do make good lisps. And there ar esome free downloadables too.
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