dimordinate attribute

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To All
I have hit a brickwall, and need some advice or help.
Basically I have created blocks and added attributes to those blocks, but I
would like a "dimordinat Attribute", so when I insert the block into my
drawing I get the coordinates next to it (X,Y), along with my other
Any help or advice will be gratefull
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I would recommend that you create a LISP routine that prompts for the point, stores the coordinates, and then inserts the block with one attribute at that point. You could make a string out of the coordinates, put a comma between them, and then input the string into the attribute value at the time of insertion.
There are a couple of routines on my site that you could use as a starting point for parts of this function. BSEQ.LSP does the attribute entry part, and HOWHI.LSP does the point coordinate-to-string part.
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Michael Bulatovich

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