x-ref or Layer Manager?

It has been along time since I have been here. I am wondering if there is a
general preference for either X-ref for Layer Manager. Which do you like
best and why?
Many thanks,
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Shirley Smith
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Depends on what your goal is. X-ref is quite different from Layer manager. Most of times they are combined, working with multiple drawings, use x-ref, to view the layers use layer manager. So not really quite clear what you want.
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I have used both, but not within complex architectural drawings. They were floor plans for telecom installations. I used x-ref at one company (that was before layer mgr was available) and then at the next company, we used layer manager. We didn't need multi-views and I found the layer mgr much easier to use. SAS
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Shirley Smith
In our architectural projects we use both extensivly in combination. I do not see what advantage could be gained by only using Xrefs and not the layer manager. Could you explain how that system worked?
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