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Hi, I need to know how a lincoln *tombstone* ac/dc machine compares to a miller thunderbolt xl. I would rather the lincoln but there are no more here and the shop can't give a definitive answer on when there will be. There is another shop that has the miller, a few hundred dollars cheaper that the lincoln so I'm wondering about the power issues etc. and if it would be best to wait or send off for a lincoln. thanks req

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My first box was an Lincoln AC225 and it never ever, ever let me down and it got used "Hard". Since I've grown out and expanded my welding processes and gear grown the shop I have switched to Miller exclusively and without regret (Face it, better TIG gear at the time). I honestly never used a Thunderbolt but the Lincoln AC225 is one damn good machine. Anyone who says different has obviously never used one.


Rob Fraser

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I have a Canox "Sparkler" which is the exact same thing as the "Thunderbolt except it is red in color. Great little welder. The only thing I don't like is the amp. adjustment. It is a crank and is top mounted. Any slag, dirt, dust, grinding powder gets in there and SCREECH -- what a mess. You have to take the top off and try to clean/lubricate the adjustment mechanism. Got used to keeping a rag on top at all times to keep crud out of the crank area.

To my mind the front adjustment on the Tombstone is superior. Also, don't let some nut sell you on . Even experienced welders can't tell the difference that 5 amps will make most times. At work we used to climb down to the welding machine and the welder would signal "Down 10 amps". Don't do a thing and he would try it and say "OK now" The spread on the adjustment switch of the Tombstone shouldn't cause a DIY welder any real grief.

- Regards Gordie

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