Easycad (PRT) to Autocad (DXF/DWG)

We have an old copy of EasyCad 97 with hundreds of drawings that needs to be
converted from PRT into Autocad format either DXF or DWG. Instead of having
to do a manual export for each drawing is there a batch conversion tool that
can do PRT to DXF/DWG??
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Pieter van der Walt
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If you will send me a sample file, I will see what can be done.
We spacialize in file translations.
Also include # of files to convert and I will develop a proposal for you.
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D. Alan Hooper
Hoi Pieter,
.PRT is not a file format, it is just a common extension given to printer files. The most likely file formats for them in CAD environments are HPGL and PostScript. If they're PostScript, you could look into using our commercial ps2vector software. It batch converts PS to a number of file formats, including WMF which you can import into AutoCAD as a vector graphic. Other output formats include HPGL and CGM. We currently have DXF output in beta.
If interested, my office phone number in Holland is +31 71 364 8657.
Jeroen Dekker -- Square One - The Graphics Connection Visit
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Jeroen Dekker
Sure .prt is a file format. CadKey used it up to CK19. Is the file format the same as what Easycad used? I have no idea. My guess is that .prt is just an extension that several cad programs have used (short for part).
Just waiting on our management to approve our move from CadKey to Acad. Should be nice to get back to familiar territory but a lot of work getting templates and such set up.
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Don S

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