Draughting tablets

Do any of you professional cad users out there use a draughting tablet? If
so, what are the benefits/pitfalls. What tablets are the industry standard
and who are the main suppliers in the UK.
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Dave Disney
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Yes. Benefits include up to 16 buttons on the puck, ability to program several hundred commands and custom routines to single-click selections without cluttering up the screen with pulldowns, flyouts, dialogs, etc., and a one-to-one correspondence between the location of the puck and the cursor location on the screen. I've gotten so used to the advantages over the years that I go batty if I ever have to do CAD work with a simple mouse.
About the only drawback is the extra couple of extra sq. ft. of desk space required. Can't say about the UK, but we've used GTCO-Calcomp products for 15 years with great success. Our current tablets are DrawingBoard III's.
BTW, I'm often seen here slamming Calcomp *plotters* and "printers* -- but the DrawingBoard series is about the only thing using the Calcomp name that's worthwhile. ___
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Paul Turvill

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