Exporting to autocad via sw2006

I have converted several sldrw to dwg format.
Once I go into autocad and try to import the new drawing format all I get is
an empty a3 drawing sheet.
The preview window in autocad shows the correct drawing, but once I press
open I get the empty sheet.
Its the first time this has happened. Although come to think of it, this is
the first time I have converted it in sw2006. Previous successful attempts
was done with sw2005.
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john gaskell
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I have noticed that a shaded view in a slddrw file will not import into DWG files. Call it a bug, but I haven't found a way to work around it other than changing the slddrw views to "Hidden Lines Removed" or other wireframe views. If you do that, the views come through fine.
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