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is it possible to translate Microsoft Excel data (e.g. I have 2 columns of
data x & y) into Autocad graphical format? I have 400 points therefore I
cannot input them one by one manually.
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If you no the format of the cad file you need to create you could write a macro in excel to create the file for you.
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You'll be better off asking this question on the AutoCAD NG. My approach would have been to output the points as a text file with one coordinate per line: x1 y1 x2 y2 ...... xn yn
Then a simple AutoLISP program can read this text file into AutoCAD and create points or connect these points with a polyline - whatever you want. You can make AutoLISP read a CSV file, which is one of the standard EXCEL export formats, but for a casual AutoLISP dabbler it will be faster to spend time on simplifying the point file than on writing a more complex CSV import routine. -- Alex Shishkin
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