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I recently bought a 3D foamy that I've been a little disappointed with. Although the manufacturer advertised minimal roll coupling, I found quite opposite to be true. This along with some other strange flight characteristics has made this airplane a handful to fly. I've searched through this newgroup looking for some suggestions on a good flying replacement but don't see any recent postings on the subject (and I know there are LOTS of new foamies on the market). What I'm looking for is a 3D foamy with as neutral as possible flight characteristics. I don't have a mixing radio (yet) so I don't have anyway to automatically correct bad tendencies. I must be able to re-use my motor combo (Himax 2015-4100, 1300mah 10C LiPo). Lots of companies advertise they're the best but I'd like to hear from YOU! Anybody have FIRST HAND experience with a great flying 3D foamy?

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