3d robot simulation software

I would like to do some research on language acquisition connected with
embodiment, and I'm looking for some free 3d robot simulation environment.
After googling a bit I found Gazebo from Player/Stage project
(playerstage.sf.net), but it's far from being complete. Features that I
need are:
- 3D environment
- simulatied rigid-body physics
- camera as vision sensor
- controllable joints with force and flexion sensors
- touch sensors (with readable force value)
Basically I would like to simulate something similar to Ripley robot
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.Does anyone know such software?
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From the looks of it, Ripley is a rather sophisticated 7-DOF device, and you might not be able to find any program - especially for free - to deal with something like that. The following site has a free robotic simulator, but prolly won't do what you want ....
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However, you might also look here ....
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