Importing DXF to Solidworks

I am importing a DXF created in a 2D CAD package, into Solidworks. However, I wish to import to the Top Plane, not the Front Plane. Any ideas! Cheers guys and gals, BG

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blue mongoose
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I was waiting for JB to answer this, but I'm sure it beneath him now that he's plagorizing new people.

  1. Start a new model.

  1. Select the plane you would like to import the dwg/dxf onto -FIRST-

  2. Insert DXF/DWG

  1. Enjoy

JB ran a demo program that changes the order of the import above that improves efficiency by 400% So all you need to do is -think- about import a DWG/DXF and it's done....all constrainted too and emailed to the CNC shop that pays YOU to do your job.


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Thanks CC, I didn't realize it was that easy......! I always look for the most difficult way first! Cheers! BM

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blue mongoose

Another option when the sketch is already made: Right-Click on the sketch in the feature tree and choose "Edit sketch plane", then choose the top plane.


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