importing a parasolid


Is it possible to import a file to a specified plane say the front plane instead of the top plane.

Or can the model be rotated to be in the front plane instead of the top plane?

How could each of these operations be done as a solidworks part?


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The component will come in based on the exporting system. If you are exporting from SolidWorks then yes, you can decide this by creating a coordinate system and then select that coordinate system during the export.

If you are bringing in a model then no you have no choice, the exporting system decides this.

However, as a work around, you could bring the model into SW, create a coordinate system, export the model to parasolid using that coord system, then bring it back into solidworks.


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If it is only a orientation issue (not a coordinate system), after inserting the model you can always update the "standard views". All you have to do is orient your model to top view, then press the "space bar" there will be a window that will pop-up. On that window, highlight the front view (don't double click) and then click on the "update standard view" button. Now your top view will be the front view and all the other views will follow...

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... Or you could use Insert -> Surface -> Move/Copy... to position/rotate the body to desired location.


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