(OT?) Engineering VS Drafting

Greets all; just writing (curiosity) to get a feel for what the consensus is out there on the continually thinning line between engineering & 3D drafting/modeling.

As a consultant I usually bid different rates whether I was doing engineering design or CAD work

-- now I can hardly tell the difference.



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I personally wouldn't make a distinction. If someone wants an engineer, they pay for the engineer, regardless of what they ask them to do.

Matt Lorono

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Enigneering is the tough decisions, research, and math that should have been done before a catastrophic failure, but is usually done after.

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Its amazing how many so called "simple drafting" jobs (clients description)end up having to be re-engineered. Thats when the client wants the same rate for both functions.

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Phil Evans

Good for the client.. client will ask for the lowest rate possible.. however, when you hire an engineer and pay for it, whether drafting or engineering, you get both.. when you pay for a drafter, you get drafting.. when you pay for a drafter and expect engineering for free, you get trouble.. when you hire an engineer and want to pay him as a drafter because the job is drafting, you should not hire an engineer.. you should hire a drafter and be happy with what you get..

Just because MS Word makes word processing easier, we did not become "Shakespeare"s overnight, did we?

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Wow. Pretty heady stuff for someone goes around asking how to model "soaps".

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