Inserting raster image as part of DXF file

I need to enhance the DXF export support for one of my applications.

1) Does DXF format support embedded icons or other raster images? For example - I have an existing DXF image, and I want to merge in some raster icons ( without vectorizing ) If anyone can confirm that this is, or is not supported that would be much appreciated.

2) If it is supported, can anyone point me to specifications for representing the raster element within the DXF file.

3) On the slim chance that any programmer has code snippets ( VB 6 or VC++ ) for saving Raster images within a DXF file that would be GREAT.

Note -

I have done some research looking at the DXF format specs published on AutoDesk's web site. The specs make it look like it should be possible but there isn't enough information. There are for instance references to ImageDef Object RasterVariables Object Image Entity OleFrame Entity OleFrame2 Entity but the documentation does not specify the exact format of binary data used in these entities.

So for instance the OLEFRAME2 entity defines two records: 90 Length of binary data 310 Binary data (multiple lines) That is fine, but what is the format of "Binary data". Also the IMAGE entity has hard reference to the IMAGEDEF object. But the documentation says nothing about exact format of this object.

Surely someone must have done this before ?

Note - I am willing to pay for assistance on this if the insertion of raster images into a DXF based drawing is possible.

Or perhaps someone can at least suggest where I may find answer to my question

Are there any other Newsgroups which may be more focused on DXF format related issues ?

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