Changing scroll wheel direction for zooming

I've been working with Inventor for quite a while now, but I'
thinking of changing to solidworks, so I started playing around wit
it yesterday and I like it so far.
... except for the scroll direction; In solidworks the screen zooms i
if you scroll backwards, but I've worked the opposite way since ages
so it bothers me a lot when working in solidworks. Is there no wa
to change this? (because I know you can just reverse the direction i
inventor by changing the registry key, something like that should b
possible too then in solidworks?
Actually the whole mouse controll kinda gets on my nerves, like th
fact that solidworks rotates on pressing the scrollwheel instead o
panning, and the limited abilty of rotating (you will know what
mean if you ever used inventor)... too bad that those things spoi
the fun, because the app in itself really looked promising
anyway if i can reversed the scroll direction I'm allready a happy ma
so if anyone can help me out i'd appreciate i
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Don't know about changing the scroll wheel directions, but old habits are hard to break. Once upon a time I had the chance to operate a road roller. It steered opposite a car. That took some getting used to also. But when I considered the consequences of not retraining myself I tried harder and it became second nature.
asw> Hello,
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On or about Sun, 10 Apr 2005 07:56:44 -0400, Cliff wrote something like:
Once you try spaceball you never go back.
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Actually it's Inventor/Acad that scroll wrongly. Where's the logic in pushing away to scroll in.
I changed my Acad to work the same way as Solidworks with some lispy thingy and it's much better.
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Cam J

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