AutoCad 2006 Flicker with Windows SP3?

Ever since I installed the SP3 for XP... my cursor seems to "flicker"
rapidly when moving on the screen.
I've installed the latest NVIDIA drivers for my FX5200 card... and no luck.
Any ideas? Is this version of Autocad not compatible with SP3?
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Rowdy J
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I think this is usually caused by using the Microsoft Intellipoint mouse driver. When I was trying to handle this MS told me their mouse driver was not compatible with Autocad.
I read that the driver does something like occasionally saves a "screen state" or something for a seldom used special mouse function that allows you to return to that state.
Anyway, if you dump the MS mouse and get the Logitech MX Revolution mouse with its driver, it works really well.
I have also heard that even with the MS mouse, if you use an older driver, or a non-MS driver, it also fixes it.
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Thanks, I'll give this a shot.
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Rowdy J

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