Wacom Intuos3 AutoCAD 2006 setup

The kind people at my place of employment have just purchased a Wacom
Intuos3 9x12 digitiser for me to use with AutoCAD 2006.
The device installs fine under windows, and I can use the device
AutoCAD adequately just as a windows pointing device, but I would like
to set up the device specifically for use with AutoCAD including menus
I have tried following the help file, doing the configuration -picking
the menu areas, screen areas etc, and all seems fine, but when the
configuration is supposedly complete, the device is unusable in the
AutoCAD window (hangs to the left of the screen).
I'm sure I'm not the only one who has this device and the desire to use
it with AutoCAD for accessing menus as well as a pointing device, and
I'm sure there is someone out there who has successfully achieved the
setup that I have described.
For reference, the answer to all the obvious questions like "have you
installed the latest drivers?" is yes. The only thing I'm unsure of is
if there is a specific AutoCAD driver I need to install to do this. I
have tried "Digitiser & Mouse" and "Digitiser Only" settings in the
AutoCAD Options "System" tab, but to no avail.
Any helpful advice for getting this fantastic new toy set up would be
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If you go the Wacom web site and read the documentation on the tablet one gets the distinct impression the Intuos is a "graphics" tablet, that's why it comes with an electromic "pen". The only third party programs mentioned in "application specific settings" are PhotoShop, Corel Draw, PaintShop, PrintShop, Word, Excel, and a few other graphics programs, but not AutoCAD or any other CAD program. They mention their programmable buttons on the tablet, but not compatibility with a tablet menu in CAD. Nowhere on the web site does it say the Intuos will use a tablet menu in AutoCAD. This tablet was not intended for use with a CAD program to give you access to a tablet menu. A company that does sell tablets that are intended for use with AutoCAD and other CAD programs is Calcomp. The company is actually GTCO Calcomp. If you Google Calcomp you will get to their web site. It would seem that someone either bought this tablet without doing their research or they were sold a bill of goods by some salesperson.
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