Solidworks 2006 CTD on Linear Feature Pattern

My company just installed SW 2006, we are currently using SP2.0 while I get 2.1 installed. We recently have found a repeatable CTD whenever we try to do a pattern of a linear feature. I have tried three different computers under two different configurations and the problem exists with all of them. This seems to be the only cause of the problem so far. I have used it on a system running an ASUS P4P800 MB, ATI FireGL X3 256 VC, 2 GB RAM, and Win XP Pro SP2. The other one is the same system, except 1 GB RAM and an nVidia GeForce FX 5200. I have installed all the certified drivers and the most recent drivers. The only thing that makes any difference is running it in software OpenGL. not a problem, except for the fact that I made sure to get a certified graphics card with enough performance to handle SW2006, and now I have to turn it off to run the program. My VAR doesn't have a solution except that it is a VC problem.

Any one have the same problem or similar?


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My VAR doesn't have a solution

They always say that just to make you go away when they don't have an answer.

I remember a problem with pattersn in the early sp's of 2005. They finally sorted it out around sp3 or so. If your VAR isn't being helpful and since you can repeat on different machines all running approved cards, then I would suggest contacting SW directly.

I also think you should post this to the discussion forum in the SW web site.

I will try and confirm this crash on my testing installation of 2006 on my laptop. Not using it for production yet.

Good Luck.


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John Kreutzberger

Do you mean *any* linear pattern? On *any* part you create? Or is this specific to a particular part file?

I'm running 2006 sp2.0 on two different machines (one old Dell M50 laptop and one new Boxx tower) with no crash problems with patterns.

By the way, neither of those video cards is a slam dunk. I've seen several problems with the FireGLs and GeForce also has limitations. The only cards that can be just about guaranteed to work are the Quadros above a certain level (excluding the NVS). If using software OpenGL fixes it, it is a video card/driver problem. The solution is either a new driver or a new card, or some connection problem with your mobo.

Are you sure your antivirus was off during installation? That might be worth trying. I would uninstall the video driver and then reinstall it (with av off). Of course reboot the computer.

Good luck,


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OK, I just did a couple of different linear patterns of features on 2006, sp0. No problems here. My laptop has 1 gb ram and only a marginally approved vid card (ATI Radeon mobility 9700) , so I am going to make a rash guess that it's something else that's causing your problem.

Sorry I can't help any more.


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John Kreutzberger

Thanks for all your suggestions. I am going to install SP2.1 and hope that they fixed it.

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