adequate hardware for Wildfire

i have a 3 GHz P4 with 512 MB RAM, a 200 GB Parallel ATA drive, Win XP
SP2. and an nVidia 5200 graphics card with 128 MB RAM.
i'm wondering if this is enough for pro-e. i notice that the display
flickers (sort of) and it takes a while to "come back" during some
picks. not exactly locking up. just makes me wonder if i got myself
another reason to go spend some more money on computer stuff.
running pro-e wildfire foundation something, 2005 version.
i have a similar machine running solidworks. that one is overclocked @
3.3 GHz with 2 GB RAM and an nVidia 5600 graphics card with 128 MB RAM.
it's got the proverbial neck-snapping whip-cracking acceleration.
also low-latency ram, 2-2-2-5 settings.
is the 5200 video card on the pro-e system inadequate to the task ? so
far no complex geometries, just learning the program.
thanks for the info.
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Dude, Pro-E is a ram hog!!! We are running 2GB's of ram, plus I hav a major swap space on the partitioned drive. If you are gettin flickers and delays, increase you ram that should help
Later, Glenn |B
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