any recomendations on a laptop for running solidworks, pro-e & esprit (cam) thanks

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I just picked up an HP ZD7280. 3.2GHZ P4, 17" widescreen 1680x1050 resolution, with an Nvidia GeForceGo FX5700 graphics card with 128 meg of ram. 80 gig HD, a gig of ram(Max is 2 gig) for around $1500 off ebay 2 weeks ago. That would be a perfect laptop IMHO for Solidworks, Pro-E, and esprit.

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Steve Mackay

Yep, I've got the ZD 7000 (3.06/1Gig/GF5600), I use it for Rhino/Surfcam/VX, etc. works great. Love to have the 7280, tho... (love the screen).

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you could do the Pro/E part on this one ....

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If you have Pro/E you don't need SaladWurx or Esprit !

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