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hey ho all,
after months of enduring random lockups that I could not pin down I have
thrown my graphics card into the rubbish bin in frustration - a quadro 750 -
and borrowed a FX5200 to keep me semi functional while I sort out a decent
Now here is the issue- In NZ to replace this card with same will cost about
$550 - about the same cost as a 7800GS.
Now I know all about using Quadros for CAD but I am thinking ahead to when I
replace my hardware soon and what I might do with the present pc.
If I stick a gaming card in it will be more likely to interest a local buyer
when the time comes.
So is there anyone out there who has run SW with a 7800GS who can reassure
me that it is not ideal but will be ok in the interim? or are there real
issues to avoid?
I realise no realview or buffer will be available.
BTW I run 2 monitors in span mode for SW2005.Just a few windows open is ok.
thanks for any feedback
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Well Neil
Fwiw I use a 256mb 6800 GTS that has no trouble at all driving Solidworks, and as a matter of fact
I would say it does it better than some dedicated "CAD" cards.
Nvidia gamers cards handle open GL very well
Big Al
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Big Al
thanks for the reply Big Al, The 7800GS should be a significantly faster than the 750XGL at the res I drive the screen at - 2560x960- being a couple of generations on development wise. Even with known limitations for CAD purposes I am hopeful it will do for a while anyway. I found some mention of the 7800GTS on SW forum where it was described in someone's experience as ok but lacking clarity in comparison to a dedicated card. Don't know about that - possibly more of a driver issue- but I think all said and done it will probably be better than the 750 (minus realview of course). The only concern I have is that I might have niggling driver issues with SW. I'll do a bit more research tomorrow and make a choice... thanks again -neil
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For those interested - anyone? :o) - I bought a 6800 GS agp in the end and after a bit of hassle with installing a driver with XP I am using the softmod to enable a quasi Quadro FX4000. Draws less power from my ps than the 7800.It will do in the meantime.... Seems only a bit faster than the old quadro 750 in general but now I can use full 16x antialiasing too at 2560x960 with no real perf drop. later-
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