Intel's Extreme Graphics 3 and Solidworks

One of the users here just got a new PC. A HP with a 2.63Ghz/533 CPU
1GB DDR RAM and oboy oboy, onboard Intel Extreme Graphics 3.
The CPU is very impressive, it comes close to my AthlonXP At home
running at 2.4Ghz(real mhz) But the graphics just plain suck.
everything 2D is great, but in SW models are very very jaggie and when
you enable anti-aliaing threw SW you get a very thick blurry line
jaggy line.
Is anyone else using Intels graphics for SW? I just cannot see how
this is acceptable for SW to list this as even an option on there
website for compatable graphics?
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'm sorry but I don't see that card on the list of Tested cards. Check it out yourself. If you see the option for Open GL and it isn't checked. Check it. If you see an improvement (it will be slow) but graphically it will look better. If you are unable to change this setting then you do not have the SolidWorks specific driver installed. I would give your VAR a call. With NVidia you have to go into the driver settings and select an optimization for SolidWorks. Your VAR will be much more help.
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Corey Scheich
I can tell you from experience that any computer with on-board graphics, for the most part, is going to have poor performance with anything, let alone SolidWorks. Hopefully they provide you a AGP port so you can add a decent graphics card.
If I am not mistaken, the graphics card doesnt even have its own dedicated memory, it shares the system memory. If it does have its own memory it is probably in the 32MB range which is insuffucient for anything beyond using MS Office.
IMO they got what they paid for, a cheap computer.
My suggestion would be to go out and by a decent graphics card.
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