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Hi Folks I'm sure there is a simple answer, but I can't see it either in the SW help or online. Is it possible to show the "included" angle of a flange on the notes shown in a flat view drawing, rather than the "bend" angle. Alternatively, is it possible to add a bit of maths to the "bendnoteformat.txt" file to tell it to display "180-"

My subcontractors for forming use the internal angle to define the bend on the machine and as we plasma etch the bend angles on the parts during cutting, having them have to do the 180-shown angle calculation will lead to a slow down in throughput and errors.

Any ideas or solutions greatfully received. Thanks Deri Jones

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Deri Jones
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Yeah, here's a solution: get a contractor with a calculator!!! 180° - angle....that's some advanced math. Hope that doesn't slow down production too much.

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