Dewalt Angle Grinder stuck nut?

I have a Dewalt Angle Grinder DW 402. It has a thin cutting wheel mounted per the instructions -- with the threaded clamp nut on the spindle so the raised section (pilot) is not against the wheel.

I am now having trouble removing the nut. I cannot find that the instructions mention which way the nut threads off. I think I may have turned it the wrong way trying to remove it and over tightened it. Any tips on freeing the nut?


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Paul Ferguson
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Reverse from threading on? This would be CCW.


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Nick Müller

Mine has a standard right-hand thread. Mine also jams occasionally -- probably from corrosion from our very wet climate.

I hate doing this to the lock pin, but I've resorted to whacking the nut's grooves with a punch when the cheap Chinkalloy wrench only bent.


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Lloyd E. Sponenburgh

Hey Paul, I've never seen an angle grinder that didn't have regular right-hand threads. It does sometimes help to try to turn the "disc" along with the wrench. ie...grab both.

Take care.

Brian Laws>I have a Dewalt Angle Grinder DW 402. It has a thin cutting wheel

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Brian Lawson

Paul Ferguson wrote: (clip) Any tips on freeing the nut? ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ If all else fails, break the disc out, and clear away the pieces between the nut and the arbor. That will relieve the pressure on the threads, and, hopefully, allow it to unscrew. And then put a little grease on the threads before you put it together again.

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Leo Lichtman

If you are removing the disk BECAUSE IT IS GOING TO BE THROWN AWAY, then I would simply clamp the disk in the vise and remove the nut. DO NOT do this if you are going to reuse the disk at a later time. Ken.

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Ken Sterling

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