Mates and toolbox and sheet metal questions

sw2004 Sp3.0 First the mates question. Scenario one, If I select a side of a part and select other, click ok, hold the Ctrl key and then select another part, then select the mates icon, the mate that I require works. Scenario two, If I have the mates selection box open, select a side of a part and select other, click ok, the selection changes from "other" to the side I first selected !! I have tried this in several assemblies and happens all the time. Is this a bug?

Toolbox question, I have been playing around with adding my own parts to the toolbox and now I want to delete the test parts. Is there a way?

Sheet metal question,

1.2mm mild steel, 100x100mm base flange, 25x25mm centred edge flange, back stop set to 25mm, 90deg bend. Why does the fold go all the way along the flange edge, even if the edge flange is smaller in width than the base flange? Using 0.8mm radius tooling and a 10mm "V", this would never happen in "real life", as the base flange edge would just get lost in the "V"
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Pete Newbie
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Mates - don't know - I just tried it and it seems to work fine here. I tried it a couple ways and it worked every time.

Toolbox - not a clue - don't have it.

Sheet metal - don't know - I just tried that also and it worked as expected. One thing you might check is if you have autorelief turned on. If not, it might try to curl the whole cross section, but that's just a thought.


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Wayne Tiffany

Re: Sheetmetal

Did you include your total bend allowance of 2.00406mm?

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Pete, i have a solution for toolbox. toolbox is driven by an access database. i have been able to open it in access 2000 for SWx 2003, might be latest version of access in SWx 2004. there is a table in it that is called products. this is where toolbox stores your created parts. if you delete all non-escential rows from this table, it will delete these instances from your testing. hope that this helps. MRW

Thinking out of the box means that you are constraining yourself to in the box thinking. Always think beyond the box, in fact think that there is no box. You will be supprised how far you can go.

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The shetemtal in SWX is just meant ot speed up design, its not a real time FEA application. I mean that it cant understand flaring that occurs in the real world, but its usually not necessary, if you understand what you want and the more difficult task of understaining what swx means you will get the best usage out of sheetmetal, speed over (visual) accuracy is the game here, and I am glad they chose it.

My main comlaint is the way box corners must be handled in certain situations in order to keep the part flattenable.

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Brian Bahr

Mark & Pete,

There is a safer way to remove Add My Parts Wizard hardware or Derived Standard items from Toolbox. Right Click on the Toolbox Brower panel and select Configure Browser from the pop-up menu. In the following dialog, look at the Browser tab, and click on the Catalog Document item in the tree menu on the left. On the right, change the Catalogs, Chapters, and Pages, settings to reflect where you added your parts. Finally, click the [x] Delete check box for each of the items that you want to remove. The next time you launch SolidWorks these items will be removed from the Toolbox browser.

This method is safer in that it prevents you from deleting any records that might disable the SWBrowser.mdb database, but it still removes the parts from the desired standard.

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