SW2005 Symetric Relations in Drawings??

Using Sw2005 Sp0.1 here is my problem:

When im in a drawing, let's say I have a part that is a rectangle. I then sketch a centerline across that view, and now I want to make the sketched centerline symetric to both horizontal model edges. In

2004 I am able to do the following:

  1. Click upper model edge

  1. Control click sketched line
  2. Control right click bottom model edge
  3. Select Symetric from the pop-up menu

and the result is a symetric line that extends past the model edges that can be used as a sketch for a section line.

In 2005 when I use the same procedure, I dont get the option for any relation even when I click add relations on the pop-up menu. I am finding that I now have to convert the model edges in order to use them.

Is there an option I am missing, or has the ability to use model edges for relations been removed?

Thanks for any help.

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I do the same thing as "SoCalMike" in drawings because the SW centerline command is very limited. It's almost the same amt of clicks to do it either way. The major difference, and the reason I don't use SW centerline....You can't do anything with the cosmetic c/l that SW adds.

I use my c'ls for a lot of different stuff in drawings and it's pain because you can't relate anything to these c/l's. And you cant' cut sections with them...

P. wrote:

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If this is broke, then that will be a problem when I eventually move to SW2005. I use the same procedure here as well in SW2004...

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Seth Renigar

I ran into this the other day. I found I had to actually click the "Add Relations" icon to get the relation window to show up in the FMT. In '04 the window popped up automatically whenever an entity was selected. Ahh yet another release of SolidAutoCAD.......


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