Re: What Are You Looking Forward To In 2005 ?

> Anyone want to search & copy poor clueless' years > of posts extolling all the many virtues of Rhino? Not > to mention ACIS?

You mean, like this?

"All the power of SolidWorks really IS in assembly. Can you do this in Cadkey ??? Hell no. All it produces are "dumb" solids. Not history, no paremtrics, no feature based modeling and surfacing that is NO where near as good as Rhino or solidThinking."

Looking at old postings can be like watching reruns of "As The World Turns." I happened upon this gem, for example, which reminds us how sad it is to grow estranged from old flames:

JB, Feb. 2000:

"I'm honored to be lumped with "hamei", but I must tell you in all sincerity, that hamei is much more astute than I am in every way imaginable. From machining, to worldly views, to innovative thinking..... I hate the man !!!"

...but it appears that he no longer means it as a figure of speech.

The "Jon and Ricky Amateur Hour" will never make it in prime time, and soap operas aren't going to fly with this crowd. You never know who will turn up as "Most Astute Man of the Week in Every Way Imaginable," though, and maybe they'll hand out cash prizes to ringers who come in with a new name and a new account, just for fun...maybe BD has a playful streak big enough for that, eh?

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