Some LW parts not showing in BOM til 'resolved' in Assy SW2006sp3

Anybody else seeing some LIGHTWEIGHT parts not populating all the fields of an Excel based BOM in assembly drawings, until the parts are Resolved in the Assembly file? I get a handful of parts that repeatedly do not display their 'DESCRIPTION', every time I open the drawing, I have to open the assy and resolve or dig thru the assy and find the offending parts... just to make a print!

The original Assy was made back in 2003 or so, migrated and revised since, with about 195 unique parts...

Waiting patiently for the next SP...

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Have the same problem, and with the SW BOM as well. To solve it, until a SP is released, im opening all drawings as resolved. In the BOMs, I also have a problem with the BOM positions numbering and the ballons positions arent the same, here I have to open the assy and reorder 1 component, to trigger a rebuild, so the BOM positions are refering to the correct ballon numbering. Dont know if there is a solution for this as well?

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