Dilemma on using Assy sketch while wanting to use the parts in context in another assy.

I currently have a weldment with 18 parts. Each part is looking at an assembly sketch. We decided to make smaller versions of the weldment, so I looked into using the parts in a new assy. This would work, since they are all looking at the assy sketch on the original assy. I then decided to make all new parts in the second (smaller) assy, but did a COPY of the original assy so I can keep the parts looking at the assy sketch. I then deleted 4 of the parts to make a shorter version of the weldment. All of the other parts are exactly the same as the parts from the original weldment, but have different part numbers.

From a manufacturing standpoint, this might sound stupid. Ive been

trying to solve this dilemma the past couple of days, and a early option was to break all relations on the original weldment so I could use the same parts in the new weldment assy. This would also delete my "design intent", since its in the assy sketch.

What do most people do in my situation? Is it good/bad practice to use like parts in multiple weldments? Im curious to see if some companies do this.

Please post comments/suggestions.

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